Friday, December 22, 2006

New Release: Polar Heat by Mary Winter

I am pleased to announce the release of my "Wild Winter Quickie," Polar Heat from Ellora's Cave. I'm very excited to have spent time in the Arctic with my polar bears, and I'm hoping for more stories of my polar bear shape shifters soon!

Studying polar bears is Norwegian scientist Aud Myhre's passion. The leader of an Arctic research team, she stays in the frozen north over the holidays to obtain necessary data, with help from her sexy colleague Svein. She didn't count on a storm trapping them in a cave with no means of warmth — except each other. Aud struggles to keep their relationship professional, but there's no fighting their combustible sexual chemistry.Svein Eide has more insight into the lives of polar bears than anyone knows. To keep Aud safe from the storm, he has two choices. Reveal his shapeshifting abilities and lead her back to camp, or find another way to keep her warm. He knows which he'd prefer. Polar bears don't mate for life…but one taste of Aud's passion could disprove that scientific fact.


Anonymous said...

CONGRATS MARY! You made us look good!