Sunday, December 17, 2006

Merry Christmas & Happy Reading

Hope everyone is almost ready for Christmas. It's almost here! I wrapped my last present tonight, but knowing my hubby, some late gift will come in needing to be wrapped. So, what is everyone asking Santa for?

Me? I wanted to new laptop, so my DH (Darling Husband) got out of bed at 4:00 am on Black Friday and went with me to Office Depot. We got there about 4:45 and there were already people lined up! He got in line and told me to go on down to Belks and shop with my mom and sister. Belks opened at 5:00 am, but they were already open for business. So, I got to pick out a few presents for me and DH for mom to give us and get back to Office Depot by 5:30 or so. The store manager came out about then and told the LONG line of people (we were about #10. There were at least 50 people behind us!) that he would come back out about 10 minutes before the store opened. He would go down the line with coupons for "popular items", like the $299.99 Toshiba laptop, and $29 2GB thumb drive and a $179 flat panel monitor, etc. You can have only one coupon per item, so I got a coupon for the laptop (!) and the thumb drive for my niece. (It's safe to post that here. She doesn't even know this blog exists!). So DH got me my laptop, which I have been on non-stop since then. I guess he'll wrap up an empty box as I have threatened him if he even TOUCHES my new toy, er, laptop.

Our RWA chapter has started an online newsletter, which Keri and I have been working on. WOW...harder than I thought. The font kept changing to Times when I wanted Verdana. I'd go to "preview" and everything would be
HUGE, or very small. Sigh. Nothing like starting off a new online newsletter with a plea for forgiveness for wrong fonts, wrong colors, etc! But, Keri and I are sorta proud of doing something so out of our comfort range.

So, what is everyone reading these days? Me? Tonight, DROP DEAD GEORGEOUS, by Linda Howard. BUT, tomorrow? THIRTY DAYS, by our own Shayla Kersten! Can't wait to read it. She wouldn't even let me read it early! I'll post a review as soon as I can!

Well, Merry Christmas to everyone. Tell us what you're asking Santa for!


Mary Winter said...

Congrats on the laptop!!! I know I can't live without mine. I'm asking Santa for a Downunder Horsemanship halter and lead. I'm pretty sure I'll get it, even if he just gives me the money and tells me to place the order.

Anonymous said...

"I'll get it, even if he just gives me the money and tells me to place the order."

One year "Santa" left me a check! LOL LOL LOL

This year, I took no chances and made sure Santa knew what I wanted!

Good luck on that Downunder Horsemanship halter. Post a picture after Santa delivers!