Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Baby's into Madonna

Boy, my hubby's going to be happy when I tell him this! The baby's been rather still since early this morning when I woke up. I've been at my computer now for a couple of hours, listening to a variety of music. Country-new and old, hip-hop, and rap.

Madonna hits have been bumping, and so has the baby! While I'm a Madonna fan, my hubby isn't all that entertained by her. Thank goodness the baby has some taste and is a chip off HER momma's shoulder. Daddy's more into stuff from the 70s and country. There's a few hip-hop and rap that he likes. But, basically, if a country station isn't playing in the vehicle, then we're fighting over the radio.

And everybody cross your fingers in hope that our DAUGHTER get momma's rhythm, too. Daddy has to work at it to tap his toe to the beat. While I can pick up a drum beat and snap my fingers to it, I can also shake my bottom to a different insturment in the same song at the same time. All those years of cheerleading has whipped my coordination into shape.

If you'll notice, above I put her and daughter in all caps. While I say I'm carrying our daughter, my hubby is insisting I've got a son in my belly. Many has reviewed our ultrasound tape and it's about an even split on whether it's a boy or girl.

Hubby is insitant that we just ask the doctor what the sex of the baby is, but then what can I irritate him with for the next four and a half months? Since it's my body the doctor is treating, and I'm legally an adult, she's bound by doctor/patient privacy stuff. Meaning, that I'm the only one she can tell, and if I say no, then that's the bottom line.

Hehee, how I love the power to harass my husband!


Sandi said...

My first son kicked like crazy in the womb & we played lots of heavy metal. He's now a kicker for his hs football team...guess we trained him early!