Sunday, February 18, 2007

Life in Florida

Life in Florida for this Arkansas gal has been great. While the folks back home have suffered with temps in the teens, snow, sleet, and generally lousy weather, here in Titusville the natives complain if the daily high is less than 53! The forecast for this week is for temps getting near 80 by Friday. I know I should feel guilty...shouldn't tell the folks back home about the weather, but as I sit here looking outside at the bright sun and palm trees, I am so thankful that I can escape the cold weather. But, if it makes anyone feel better, I am sitting in the laundry room doing the wash!

I also have picked up a nasty cold or sinuses this morning. Lots of sneezing and runny eyes, but at least I have sunny skies to cheer me up!

I added some new pictures to my website last night. There is one on page one of me and my Maggie at the doggie birthday party here at The Great Outdoors Resort. You read of the owners had a birthday party for her dog. There must have been 40 dogs there ranging in weight from 5 pounds to 150 pounds, all wearing hats and competing in various contests. Maggie wore her hat but all the contests were beneath her...or at least she thought so. Jill, my other spoiled canine, won the "who can eat 10 tossed dog cookies the fastest." No contest. She finished so far ahead of the pack we had to wait for second and third place to finish! We also had dunking for hot dogs (cut-up hot dogs under water...dogs had to stick their heads under water to get the treat.) We didn't so well..Jill refused to put her head under water and Maggie...well, dog games are soooo not her style! We came home with a new friesbe to toss around.

I still haven't heard anything from my partial to HQ Blaze. While no news is good news, I am steeling myself for the "Big R". I'll let you know when I finally hear something.

Going to Florida RWA Fun in the Sun conference this weekend. Roxanne St. Claire has kindly offered to let me ride down with her and Anna Merlino (another writer) so I can cancel the rent car and save a few bucks. I'll report in from that conference.

Hope everyone is staying warm. And until next time, keep your fingers on the keys and your ass in out of the weather!